Our Story

Bringing the UKs underground DJs into Newport for some serious messing around!

Purple is a free to enter house music oriented monthly event created and run by DJ Jon Hodgson - a locally residing international radio, club and festival DJ.

The reason for establishing Purple events is to give something back to the local community. Each event is free to enter and bar prices are normal pub costs - not inflated as a backdoor fee.

Nightlife within Newport is *mostly limited to clubs and pubs playing popular music for a limited shared clientele that migrates between venues all evening. This footfall places an impetus on the fine DJs of the city to keep their sets as upbeat and attention grabbing as possible in order to both create a vibe and retain the transient crowd for as long as possible. This is fantastic for a short period (as that's exactly what it's designed to achieve), however it lacks the time and depth to create the musical experience.

Purple orientates around house music as its primary genre, however sideways steps into techno and trance are not uncommon as the evening progresses. Each event has a continual musical journey from opening to close that descends from happy and bouncy into the darker and heavier as the night rolls on. Consider Purple as an old-school vibe.